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Dani Kilmer

Dani Kilmer Warren
Designer and Owner
DK Cat

Welcome to DK Cat!

DK Cat is a one-woman, three-cat operation dedicated to designing and hand making modern cat accessories and furnishings that address specific needs in both cats and their people. I have a vision that cat stuff can look like other people stuff and still make cats happy, content and comfortable.

As the guardian of three cats and living in small quarters in the San Francisco Bay Area, my husband and I found that pet things quickly overwhelmed our living spaces scratching posts, kitty condo, beds, food dishes, toys, grooming utensils and, of course, litter paraphernalia. And on top of all that there is the issue of pet hair everywhere!

I created DK Cat in 2009 when I realized there was a lack of nice looking cat stuff that could gracefully handle some of these and other challenges of living with indoor pets.

I have a background in interior design and sustainability and do my best to gather natural and durable materials that are eco-friendly and lovely. All prototypes are tested in full by our three very eager kitties - Jack, Cassidy and Bug.

Cheers, Dani