What happened to the cat trees?

Most of you are probably here because you are looking for a cat tree. You are wondering where they are, what is with these cat beds and when the trees will be back! I am very thankful for the great reception the Platform C line of cat trees, posts and scratchers got and all the kind and encouraging feedback I still get from cat- and design-loving people each week! But, alas, I am no longer making the cat trees. Last Fall, I reached the decision to stop making them and to transition to softer, more crafty products. The main reason was that the reality of everyday life as a woodworker was not how I had envisioned it when I left my career as an interior designer – it was very hard labor that became unsustainable after two years. I had made the big leap to a new career, but it seems I may have leapt a little too far. After much soul searching, I realized that I loved designing the cat trees and making the prototypes and perhaps the next 20 or so orders, but then it just became too much labor and not enough thinking and creativity. I wasn’t yet ready to take yet another leap into a manufacturing deal, so I put them aside and set about coming up with other cat furnishings that would lend themselves to more opportunities for creativity and variety.

For the duration of the two years I was making cat trees, my mission was to make something that did not scream cat, but was instead closer to the look of other furniture. And as I venture forward with cat beds and cat mats and more things to come, I have the same goal of offering things that can be integrated seamlessly into your household. The reason for this is not design snobbery and I am not necessarily targeting a high end market of people who have endless money to spend on their pets. As I described in the welcome post, I believe that cats have needs (scratching, sleeping securely, etc.) that, when met creatively, make for a pleasant environment for them and us and ultimately a better relationship.

You will also see that I have changed the ordering process for the new products. Everything is now available exclusively on Etsy instead of on the DK Cat website. This change came about because Etsy offers a great community of craftspeople and artists that I want to be more closely involved in and because Etsy’s set-up is more conducive to selling unique, one-off items. The beds and mats are not made to order like the trees were – each one is unique and special with a much wider range of colors and patterns.

New cat beds from DK Cat

One of the best aspects of this business is the community of people I have come to know. I look forward to continued communication and am still eager to entertain your specific requests. More to come soon on the evolution of the ideas for the new Cat Bed and Cat Mat. And if you’re in desperate need of a cat tree, try perusing the many great finds at moderncat.net. Thanks for reading!


  1. sabrina says:

    Thanks Dani for your informative reply. Totally understand where you are coming from here. Yes Modern Cat is exactly what furniture I had envisioned when I stumbled across that site. I like simple Square platform cat perches. I guess alot of other people appreciate that shape too including my cat. Even Connor Cruise is also known as DJ C-Squared. :)


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